Chickenstock Peeps – We have landed on a DATE!

Thank you for your input on our “postponed” 2020 dates! After reviewing the survey feedback and all of the input from our suppliers, musicians, food vendors and flock, it looks like the weekend of August 7 & 8 is going to be the best fit for the majority. This will also provide the most possible time for the COVID situation to pass.

As a ticket holder, here is what you will need to know going forward.

For all current ticket holders, your tickets will automatically transfer to our new dates and are now refundable through July 6 for any reason.

If the dates work for you, then you will not need to do anything other than show up in Chicken for the new dates! Everything else should be as usual.

If these dates “might or might not” work for you but you don’t know yet, we ask that you hang onto your tickets as long as you can while you decide.

If you know for sure that the new dates do not work for you, you can “request a refund” through your Eventbrite account. To do this, please click on the “order #” link on your tickets. Use the same email address to log into your Eventbrite account. Once you have logged in you will find a button to “request a refund”. We will process your refund requests within a week.

For those family or friends of yours who don’t have tickets yet, they can still be purchased at

We will continue to monitor the COVID situation closely and will send any updates directly to you if we have any changes as a result. For now we just ask that you stay healthy and think positive for everyones near future and get ready to crawl out of the woodwork on August 7 & 8 for the best “coming out of Quarantine” party of the summer! Can’t wait to see everyone at Chickenstock 2020!

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this time of change.