Please read these rules carefully as we want everyone to be respectful and enjoy their time at the festival.

We are a family friendly event! To ensure the enjoyment of everyone we ask that these general rules be followed when attending Chickenstock and camping at Chicken Gold Camp. Violators of the following rules are subjected to removal from festival at any time.


Valid photo ID’s are required for Check-in and entrance to the festival for anyone 18 and over.


Chickenstock is open to all ages however anyone under 21 must be ticketed and accompanied by a ticketed parent, guardian or spouse who is 21 years or older. All adults aged 21 and up must hold an adult ticket. Young adults 18 through 20 must hold an underage young adult ticket, children 5 through 17 must hold a youth ticket and toddlers 4 and under must hold a toddler ticket.


You must bring a print-out of your ticket (or a previously downloaded pdf on your phone) to the gates, you will not have access to wifi to retrieve your ticket once you are in Chicken! Each ticket holder must check in at the gate with a ticket that matches the name on their valid Photo ID. For the past two years we have sold out before the event week, so please DO NOT COME TO CHICKEN without having purchased a ticket before you leave. Unfortunately we will have to turn people away who do not have a ticket. When purchasing a group of tickets for friends and family, please use each name of each person who will be using the ticket to enter Chickenstock, do not put your name on all of the tickets you buy. This is important because the person checking in at our gates will need to supply Valid Photo ID that matches the name on their particular ticket before being allowed inside.


If you need to change any names on your tickets ahead of time for any reason, you can easily do this by logging into your Eventbrite account. You may give your ticket to another person or make any updates/changes your information via the “edit” tab on your event registration in your Eventbrite account through Wednesday of festival week. Remember, the information on the ticket must match the ID of the individual using it to enter the gates so please make sure the new ticket holder prints out a new ticket once these changes have been made! You may also transfer your ticket to another available ticket type. There is a $5 transfer fee and you will pay the difference in cost between the two tickets (transfers are not allowed on some ticket types). The information on the ticket must match the ID of the individual using it to enter the gates! Once the ticket is scanned at the gate, another person will not be able to enter with the same ticket. For this reason, be very careful with your ticket printout and if any changes are made to tickets, please be sure to download or print out an updated version of that ticket.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: (anywhere in the parking, camping or festival area)

No Illegal drugs

No fire arms

No fireworks

No loud generators (allowed if quiet and operated while you are in your sight and only between 9am-9pm)

No interior household furnishing. Lawn or patio furniture only please.

No Walky Talky’s used on channel 3, 5 or 7

No pressurized tanks (except correctly installed/certified propane tanks up to 20lbs).

No Cargo or ATV trailers, please leave them in a pullout before you get to Chicken.

No alcoholic beverages to be brought into the festival grounds

Marijuana may be legal but not in public! Not so that others can smell or be affected by it. We are a family friendly event and we ask you to keep it discreet.


Public intoxication of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be escorted out.

No Alcohol will be allowed through the gates. There will be local crafted draft beer and a limited selection of wines and spiked sparkling waters available for purchase inside the gates.

No using the bushes for bathrooms, plenty of port-a-potties are available.

No bathing, shampooing hair, or washing dishes at our water faucets, sinks or creeks

No climbing, defacing or drumming on any festival or vendor equipment or old relics in the Chicken Gold Camp area, including the dredge.

No solicitation (including political), selling goods, services, crafts without a festival permit

No campfires anywhere in the parking area, camping areas or festival grounds

No excessive noise, especially between the 10pm and 8am, including electronically amplified sound from radio, CD player, tape recorder or Bluetooth devices. Acoustic jam sessions are ok.


Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times while on the Chicken Gold Camp property and you must pick up after them. Please bring your poop bags with you as they are not readily available in Chicken. ALL pet poop must be picked up and disposed of in outdoor receptacles. Pets must be with their owners and not left tethered to vehicles or campsites unattended. We hope to continue to allow humans and their furry friends to enjoy this event together so please be respectful of the pet rules and respectful of your pets. Pets larger than a full sized goat are not allowed! Psst….we encourage pet costumes as much as we encourage humans to costume up!


ATV’s are allowed on site when operated by a person holding a valid Drivers License and in accordance with Alaska State Law and must be driven under the speed limit of 10mph while on Chicken Gold Company property. ATV and cargo trailers will not be permitted in the FREE CAMPING area and can be left at the parking area near the Mosquito Fork bridge about a mile away from Chicken.


You may bring bicycles to the Chickenstock grounds however they will not be allowed inside the gates nor parked right in front of the gates where they are trip hazards. Please note that kids on bicycles unattended in a busy parking with everything from a Subaru to a forty foot motorhome can be a VERY dangerous mix. We ask that you monitor your kids while they ride bikes at the very least during our busy parking times. We will be very busy parking lots of vehicles on Thursday and Friday during the day. After 5pm on Friday our parking lots should be full and there shouldn’t be heavy traffic. We reserve the right to confiscate a bike from your child if poor bicycle operation awareness is observed by our volunteers.


Even though we are in the “bush”, please do not use the bush to do your business. Chicken Gold Camp is donating their grounds to host the festival but this campground operates all season long and doesn’t need to be dealing with hazardous human waste and smells left in the bush! We will have plenty of outhouses available for that. We are going to ask for everyones help to conserve the storage space in the portable restrooms. Summit Logistics has built us a beautiful Keg Urinal and we ask that men please try to use this instead of the portable restrooms as much as possible. We also ask ladies to deposit their “Pee” toilet paper in the orange trash cans inside the portable restrooms rather than down the hole. I know this is a strange request, but we really hope not to fill up the portable restrooms before we get through the weekend!


No trash service in Chicken; you must haul your trash out of town.

No drinking water available on site; you must bring your own drinking water into Chicken

No sani-dump station available for RV’s; haul your grey and black water out with you.

No banks or reliable ATM’s in town, bring cash to get through the weekend. Chickenstock & Chicken Gold Camp will not take or exchange Canadian cash.

VERY limited number of coin-op showers available.

Two Fuel stations available in town.

No grocery store or general convenience stores in Chicken. There will be food vendors in the festival. Chicken Gold Camp sells coffee, espresso, ice cream and snacks during their open hours.


FREE camping for Friday & Saturday is available with your ticket purchase and will be assigned by our famous parking attendant and is on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited! We reached maximum parking capacity in the campground last year, so we are STRONGLY recommending carpooling when possible. If you intend on using our FREE CAMPING option, please be prepared to squeeze in, so come with as compact of camping footprint as possible! FREE camping is on a space-as-available basis only, we cannot guarantee that you will have a space because it depends how large of vehicles everyone brings. ATV and cargo trailers will not be permitted in the FREE CAMPING area and can be left at the parking area near the Mosquito Fork bridge about a mile away from Chicken.


Any camping outside festival dates will be charged regular campground fees applicable by and payable to Chicken Gold Camp. Please make reservations with them directly: (reservations can be made through Wednesday night of festival week, for camping on Thursday night you will need to simply check in at the Gold Camp upon arrival in Chicken to pay for your space and get parking assignments from our parking attendant). Arrivals earlier than Friday who are camping through the festival weekend, might have to be moved by our parking attendant to accommodate festival needs. We will do our best not to move you, but please be prepared to be re-arranged early in the morning of Friday morning. If you arrive after hours on Thursday, and you wind up parking yourself please check in with the Chicken Gold Camp office immediately on Friday morning, preferably before 9am to ensure your space in the FREE Camping area for Friday and Saturday night. If you plan to arrive earlier than 8am on Friday, please check in and pay for your camping with Chicken Gold Camp and let them know you will be there through the weekend and they will do their best to place you so that you don’t have to be moved.


The Festival is run by traveling volunteers and the camping grounds are donated by Chicken Gold Camp for the weekend. Please leave your campsite at least as clean as it was when you arrived.